General obligations



  • Sport Miks company – sport agency SPORT MIX (in continuation S.M.), Trg golobarskih žrtev 18, Bovec, Slovenia has a long tradition and experience in organizing and carrying out different sport activities as:  rafting, canyoning, kayak school, guided kayak trips, hydrospeed, caving, sports climbing, mountain biking.
  • In cooperation with outside partners Sport Miks company – sport agency organises activities as: zipline, skydiving, footgolf, stand up paddleboarding. S.M. takes no responsibility for injuries, cancelations or other obligations, occurred outside S.M. organisation.
  • Sport activity takes place from the starting point of the tour when the participant meets the guide and ends as he arrives at the ending point of the tour. S.M. takes no responsibility for injuries, occurred outside the course of the trip.   
  • S.M. tours are executed if the minimum participant’s number is matched. 

  • Limitations, restrictions and the minimum age for participation in the activities are described in the descriptions of the activities. 

  • S.M. reserves the right to cancel or postpone the activity in the case of bad weather or other circumstances if it has been established there is a possibility the participants are exposed to danger. 

  • If  S.M. cancels the tour you are entitled to a full refund of your reservation. 

  • After the participant receives the obligatory sports kit, he is not entitled to a refund in case the participant cancels the reservation afterwards or does not wish to participate. If the tour was shortened for the reason of which participant was not in a good physical condition, which is also required for all of the activities, there is no refund. 
  • S.M. takes no responsibility for injuries, caused in opposition to the signed Statement or by the participant`s not following the guide`s instructions. 

  • S.M. dissuades participation in water activities to pregnant women, persons with serious health problems or injuries. 

  • Persons with asthma or with other health problems, should inform the instructors or the authorized employee of the S.M. before the tour and are advised to carry their medication with them, giving them to the guide who takes care they are always available for use if necessary. 

  • S.M. takes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged personal items. 

  • Injuries happened during the trip, should be reported immediately to the instructor or the authorized employee of the S.M.. The participant fills up the form- report of the accident. S.M. will not consider injuries, reported at a later stage, for the reason of difficulty defining of the location and the exact time of the accident.  

  • S.M. reserves the right to charge for any damage, theft or loss of rented equipment. 

  • S.M. takes digital photographs of all participants during the trip and therefore reserves the right to use the photos for internal, marketing and promotional purposes (internet, brochures). Photographs, made by S.M. are property of S.M..  

  • Photographs made by S.M. are available at no extra cost. Outside partners policy can indicate additional charges for photography.  

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