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Bovec white water rafting is not just an adrenaline activity; it represents a way of life. Bovec rafting is a sport, which is connecting people - making them work as a team.


Canyoning Bovec involves an adrenaline activity that carries you along the steep ravines and canyons of the tributaries of the Soča. Picturesque cliffs, narrow gorges, roaring waterfalls, crystal clear pools.


In the company of an experienced guide, you will paddle your way through rock mazes, play in the currents and eddies, and occasionally quiet your heart in an emerald pool.


Experience the exciting descent across 10 steel cables and enjoy the view of birds along the wild river and mesmerizing cliffs of the canyon while you take in the panorama of the Bovec Basin and Triglav.

SportMix adventures in Soča Valley

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Frequent and continuous education of our staff and passing on the knowledge about our natural an cultural heritage to our guests makes us »best of the best« on the largest travel platform – Tripadvisor.

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Bike rental

When you have conquered the final climb of your ascent up the trail, you will suddenly realize the answer to the question that has been gnawing at you for the last few kilometres, “Why did I want to make it to the top?”

Rock climbing

What is more beautiful than active recreation in the company of climbers? Fighting gravity as you conquer your fears, achieving the satisfaction of climbing a route, and an awesome view of the scenery below are the rewards of your experience on the rock wall.

SUP paddling

Looking for the activity for all the family members no matter your age, body types, or fitness levels? Stand up paddleboarding is the answer! Even your dog can join us! It is never too late to get out and stand up (and if you do it on the paddleboard – even better)!


You won’t be disappointed with this unusual adventure. You will explore the subterranean world in the company of a guide as you venture into the caves of the world-renowned Kanin massif. A portion of this hidden mysterious world is accessible also to you.

SportMix adventures in Soča Valley

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Our variety of whitewater and outdoor activities are recognised in high-quality services. We put great importance on the safety of our guests, executing activities with quality equipment and professional and highly experienced, licensed staff.

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