Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions.


Advance reservations are most welcome, as activities may be sold out. We advise you to make a reservation as soon as possible when planning your holiday. If you are more unpredictable, you can also send an inquiry the day before the planned activity. If we still have vacancies, even on the desired day.

You can make a reservation through various channels. If you are in a hurry, it is best to call, otherwise, we try to be as up-to-date as possible via online forms, e-mail and Whatsapp.

You can also reach us through social networks, but communication may be slower than through the above-mentioned channels.

We all know that sometimes things might not go as planned, we have unforeseen appointments, a sore throat or a shortened vacation. Because we understand that unforeseen situations occur, we do not charge a fee for cancellations. All we would like to ask you to do is to let us know your cancellations as soon as possible and we will cancel your reservation at no extra cost. Not only is it a bit easier for us logistically, but we may also provide someone else with space for activities that would otherwise be sold out. The same goes for changes. When you do not see a way out of the dilemma, welcome to contact us and we will be happy to find a solution for you.

The minimum number of participants in all activities is 2 people. For a longer rafting tour (Zmuklica – Trnovo) the minimum number of people is 4. If you are alone or you feel that you do not meet either of these two conditions, no worries. Contact us and we will be happy to check out opportunities where you can easily join an existing group.

Group sizes vary by activity. Our advantage is that we carry out activities in small groups, as the service is thus more personalized. Otherwise, larger groups are also welcome, such as team-buildings, whose organization is carried out somewhat differently. The organization of all activities is adjusted according to the number of participants and consequently also the number of qualified guides.


All you need for water activities is a towel, a swimsuit and dry underwear to change into. In the summer months, sunscreen is also welcome. For dry activities, such as Zipline, cycling, caving, climbing, etc. however, classic sports equipment and sports/hiking boots are welcome. Additional pieces of clothing may be dictated only by the weather forecast.

We provide all the necessary equipment for the safe implementation of all activities in the office before the start of the activity.

For water activities you will receive:

  • Neoprene suit,
  • neoprene jacket / jacket – splashtop,
  • shoes,
  • lifejacket,
  • helmet.

You will receive the necessary equipment for the remaining activities in the same way, before the start of the activity (climbers, climbing belts, caving suits, cycling helmets …).

Before each activity, we meet in our office at Trg golobarskih žrtev 18, 5230 Bovec, Slovenja.

For all activities, we organize transport with our vehicles to the point of entry and after the end of the activity back to the office in the centre of Bovec. All transportation is included in the price of the activity, no additional payment for transportation is required.

Our season of activities begins on 15.3. and end 31.10. Times vary by activity.

In low season 15.3. – 20.6. and 21.9. – 31.10. we usually run two tours a day:

  • 9.00,
  • 12.00.

During the high season 21.6. – 20.9. so three tours a day

  • 8.30,
  • 12.00,
  • 16.00.

You can check the times of individual activities in the general descriptions of activities. In high season, especially morning canyoning tours start at 8.00, as this way we can avoid crowding in the gorges. The longer canyoning tours have a second tour generally starting at 14.00.

We will remind you of the exact time of arrival at the office with each reservation. We usually meet between 15 – 30 minutes before the chosen activity. Meeting times vary depending on the activity and the chosen date of the activity.

Most activities last up to 3 hours together. We usually spend 1,5 hours on the river, and the rest of the time is time for logistics, I.e. distribution of equipment, driving to the entry point and return to the office, change of clothes, etc. Some activities require a bit more time, such as longer and more technically demanding canyons – up to about 4 – 5 hours.

No experience is required for most activities, as they are tailored and suitable for beginners. For longer and more technically demanding gorges, the experience is welcome. Good general physical fitness is welcome for all activities.


The prices of individual activities are published in the price list. The price includes all necessary equipment, a qualified guide on wild waters, transport to the point of entry and returns to the office, river permits, use of lockers for valuables. We gift you free photos after each of our completed activities. There are no additional surcharges to the defined prices. Please note that some of the activities that we offer are executed by partnering agencies. Partners might additionally charge for the photos.

No prepayment is required to book your activities.

Payments are arranged at the end of the activity, in our office. Payment can be made by cash or bank card. We accept Visa, Master Card and Maestro. Discounts are calculated exclusively by cash payment.

As part of the packages, we have prepared various discounts for adults. You can find more in the offer on the website. We also grant a 20% discount for children under 16 for all activities, with the exception of guided kayaking and longer canyons, where we grant them a 10% discount. In the case of larger groups, send us an inquiry and we will prepare an individualized offer. Please note that discounts are calculated only in cash and that discounts do not add up.

Prices in the low season (15.3. – 20.6. And 11.9.- 31.10.) For rafting Boka-Trnovo and Canjoning Sušec are lower by 10%. Current special offers, promotions and prize games are published on the website as well as on social networks, so you are welcome to follow us on social networks as well.

You can also order a gift certificate for your loved ones. You can choose from all the activities in our offer. However, if you are not sure about the wishes of the gift recipients, you can also give them a voucher. The validity of gift certificates is not limited to time, so the recipients have enough time to gather courage. Please note that advance bookings are also desirable when using gift certificates.


Our first concern is your safety. Therefore, we put a lot of emphasis on quality equipment, it is regularly reviewed and in accordance with the latest European guidelines and standards for equipment on wild waters. We make sure that the equipment is clean and carefully prepared for the next user. The entire team includes professionally trained and qualified staff who will advise you on the appropriate activity, tailored to your abilities and desires.

Our guides accompany you on all activities. All guides are licensed wild water rescuers according to the national program and meet all the necessary requirements for the implementation of activity management. All guides can boast of years of experience not only on the Soca river but also, thanks to an international team, also with experience in world-class rivers. The guides are exceptional connoisseurs of the local terrain and highly qualified in the field of wild water sports.

You are not accident-insured during the activity. Slovenian citizens are advised to arrange this insurance themselves. Foreign citizens are advised to arrange additional health insurance at home so that in the event of a doctor’s visit, they have all costs covered by their insurance company.

Because adrenaline sports, despite wild entertainment, are a risky activity, they also have certain limitations that are defined solely for your safety. Restrictions on activities are determined regarding the current natural conditions on the Soca River and its tributaries. Most often, we talk about restrictions with guests to make the right decision together. In base, our activities cannot be attended by:


  • Non-swimmers,
  • pregnant women,
  • people with reduced mobility, spinal problems or other psycho-physical injuries,
  • people who are overweight,
  • persons under the influence of psychotropic substances or alcohol.

Even our youngest can participate in our activities, but for them, despite being often the bravest, there are certain age limits. Age limits are defined for each individual activity.

You can carefully store your valuables before each activity and lock them in lockers in the office. Before each activity, we advise you to take only a towel and dry clothes and leave valuables in the lockers. No payment is required for locker usage.

We also take photos of you at each activity and show you the photos at the end of the activity and gift them to you as a thank you for choosing us to guide you on your water adventure. All you have to do is fill out a form you’ll find in the office and write your email address legibly, and photographic memories will soon be sailing to your email. Please note that some of the activities that we offer are executed by partnering agencies. Partners might additionally charge for the photos.

There is a paid parking space within a 3 min walking distance from the office.

The weather forecast in the mountains is often variable. Rainy weather does not have a significant impact on water activities, so we also carry out water activities in the rain. Otherwise, there is no bad weather, there is only inappropriate equipment. That’s why we dress you appropriately for the weather, and the rain mists provide even more magic.

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