The great Soča Gorge

“You are splendid, limpid daughter of the heights, 

You are graceful in your natural beauty, 

When your transparent depths 

Are not disturbed by the 

Wrath of darksome storms, 

You are splendid, limpid daughter of the heights!” 

– Simon Gregorčič 

In the year 1879, Simon Gregorčič wrote a beautiful poem about the river Soča, which is recognized as one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. It is known for its stunning emerald colour from which its second name, the Emerald River, is derived. 

The source of the Soča is considered the most beautiful of the karst springs in the Julian Alps. It originates from within the Triglav National Park beneath the heights of Trenta and the slopes of Great Dnina.  A short distance from the source, the Soča flows into a 15-meter waterfall. From here the Soča continues its path towards the valley, at first as a small stream, then transforming into a powerful river. There is a developed path leading to the source for those who would like to see this gem of nature even closer.  

The river winds from the valley of Tretna to Bovec and then on to Kobarid. It passes Tolmin and then reaches Most na Soči where it continues its path down the narrow gorges to Solkan. In Gorizia it flows down to the Friulian plains in Italy, then after its 137 km journey, empties into the Gulf of Trieste on the Adriatic. On its long path, it is joined by tributaries such as the Koritnica, Učja, Tolminka, Idrijca and the Vipava. 

Special natural attractions of the Soča river are the Velika Korita (Great Gorge), Mala Korita (Small Gorge), and the Soča Gorge at Kršovec which are worth the time and effort to visit and see for yourself.  We can’t forget the famous endemic Soča trout.  Every year it provides sport fisherman hours of enjoyment as they pursue this beautiful creature. 

Apart from its natural beauty, this emerald river has a fascinating history. It has been a part of events from the arrival of Napoleon’s troops to the battles of the Soča front between the Austro-Hungarian and Italian armies during World War I.  

To this day, the Soča is the valley’s greatest attraction for visitors and residents alike and offers many opportunities to enjoy its beauty and the recreation it affords. The Soča is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts.  Kayakers, hikers, nature lovers, photographers and adrenaline addicts enjoy the Soča and its surroundings. A favourite sport on the Soča river is rafting.  

The Soča plays hosts numerous competitions and festivals.  In 2007, Disney filmed a portion of the movie The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian on the amazing Soča river.  

The Soča is a true Slovene jewel that never ceases to thrill and amaze! 

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