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From 15. March – 31. October.

The great outdoors – personalised and customised for a team adventure.

Teams are groups of enthusiasts that follow the same goals. There comes a time in life, where achieving goals needs an extra push to get to the finish line efficiently. And that’s where Soca Valley comes in. Bovec, Slovenia is not only the most beautiful adrenaline playground, but it offers natural means of reconnection in a form of team building.

Teamwork, trust, success.

This is not an ordinary rafting adventure. Warm-up exercises start building trust and teamwork, needed when progressing into the survival of the untamed wilderness. Our team building programs are individually adapted and customised based on group dynamics.

Rafting Team building on Soca river

Rafting is specifically tailored for lovers of pristine nature, wild water, and adrenaline. Before you set off down the river, you must first prove that you can, in fact, work as a team.


We will begin our adventure with some various team building activities. After you have proven your ability to work as a synchronized team, displaying mutual trust and good communication, you will take your paddles in hand and begin your white water adventure. Along the course of your river descent, you will face additional team building and survival challenges in the wild. Rafting Team building programs are suitable for experts as well as beginners.


Seeing that your rafting experience will be memorable, you will not only conquer the rapids of the emerald Soca river but gain basic survival whitewater skills.

Team building Slovenia Goals

Enjoying a unique experience with active social interaction while building a stronger working unit!

  • Adrenaline-packed to motivate your employees to work together

  • natural setting to build stronger communication skills within the group,

  • wild environment to engage in strategic planning.

Key Business benefits

  • Strategic planning,
  • teamwork and communication,

  • communication between teams,

  • networking and establishing relationships.

Culinary Additions

In addition to the Soca river Team building rafting program, we can extend the organisation in a culinary setting, a more relaxed atmosphere that promotes mutual enjoyment and community among your employees.

After your team building rafting adventure, we can on request organise a culinary extension of your team building and in cooperation with culinary partners, prepare a customised picnic in a natural environment.

Leisure Team building Slovenia programs

Planning a birthday party, your best friend is getting married or one of your dearests has a round anniversary? What better way to spend a special moment and celebrate the occasion, but with a rafting adventure on the emerald Soca river.

We organise various team building programs for special occasions, that we can customise individually based on specific group preferences and wishes:

  • bachelor and bachelorette events,
  • anniversaries,
  • graduations,
  • birthdays etc.

Can we choose among different activities for our Team building in Soca Valley?

Our primary recommendations for team building programs are based on our rafting adventure. The answer to this question mainly depends on the size of the group – the number of participants. For bigger groups, we often recommend the rafting activity, due to logistics accessibility and team participation, since it keeps even big groups dynamic. On request and based on your enquiry, if the groups are smaller we can as well plan your team building by choosing a different activity, such as eg. canyoning, zipline if the groups are particularly smaller in size, even guided kayak descents. Send us an idea about your wishes and preferences and we can plan your whitewater team adventure together.


There are no additional restrictions than the usual limitations that apply to a chosen activity. Although next to the medical restrictions you might have that are now allowing you to attend our trips, there is one more that we pay extra attention to when it comes to team building programs. When we organise events in bigger groups, we understand some like to celebrate with a glass or two, but note that the use of drugs or alcohol before the trip is forbidden. In case of intoxication, we would have to decline participation on the rafting trip since it can be dangerous not only for the individual but for the entire group. So we kindly advise you to save the drinks till the boats are back on land.

From 15. March – 31. October.

Safety is our priority

Enthusiastic experienced guides

High quality equipment

Local made in Bovec since 2001

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