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Adventures for your loved ones.

Your closest and dearest deserve only the finest, absolute best of the outdoor adventures.

If you find it difficult to find a meaningful gift for your closest, worry no more – we are coming to the rescue. Rather than objects, we can help you gift an experience that will be forever cherished by your loved ones.

Birthdays, anniversaries, valentine days, wedding presents, friendaversaries or even Christmas or Easter bunny hidden surprises – what better gift is there than a whitewater outdoor adventure?

You can choose between two gifting options:

  • gift cards,
  • gift certificates.

Gift Cards

We offer gift cards for any of our activities. You can choose either a river activity or a dry outdoor adventure. As a strater, we most often recommend rafting Bovec or for those who want to push their limits, even canyoning Bovec or kayaking on Soca river. If your loved ones don’t like to get wet, you can’t go wrong with for example Zipline.

Gift Certificates

If you are not quite sure which activity your fortunate friend or family member might enjoy, you can also choose a gift certificate valid for credit toward any of our activities. This way, the receiver is free to choose the activity that suits him or her best, and you avoid the tough decisions! We can prepare gift certificates for you in the amount of your choice.

Order a gift card or certificate

Subscriber of a gift card or certificate / payer


You can start by:

  • checking our offer and choosing an activity that you would like to gift,
  • then you send us an email with the activity, value or a package of choice. We prepare your gift card and send it back for preview.

When you order your gift card or gift certificates, make sure you let us know:

  • which activity or the amount you would like to give,
  • the name of the recipient,
  • a special note – if you would like to add it to your gift card or gift certificate (optional),
  • the address where you would like the printed card to be sent.

The validity of our gift cards and gift certificates is not limited, so there’s plenty of time to muster enough courage for the adventure. The price of each card depends on the activity of choice and it’s listed in our updated pricelist.

We prepare your gift cards or certificates and send them back for preview. If you are pleased with how it looks, we print it and send it to your provided address together with the invoice. If necessary, at your request we, as well, make corrections.

If you are one of those people (we are one of them sometimes too – no shame), that choose and buy their gifts last minute, you can also print them at home and we send the invoice over email.

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