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You will not only glide on the mystical stretches and secret corners of the river, but you will also be able to experience the wilderness of whitewater rapids.

Guided sit-on-top kayak trip

Guided sit-on-top kayak trip

Guided sit-on-top kayak trips for beginner whitewater kayaking enthusiasts.

Price from 64€ per person






Kayak courses

Kayak courses for challenge seekers Find your balance on the river.

Price from 73 - 210€ per person





Kayak trip on flat water

Kayak trip on flat water

Finding peace and serenity in untamed nature on a sit-on- top kayak.

Price from 79€ per person





Kayaking Soca is a value. It’s a Soca Valley and Bovec norm. It’s heritage. Kayaking on Soca is a culture. Kayaking is love and it is life.

The feeling of becoming one with a kayak is an emotion that opens doors to endless possibilities. Let a white water kayak help you to open your mind and let yourself go on the magical currents of the pristine river Soca. Indulge in her fresh hugs, play with her motion and explore her bubbly generosity.

Surrender to her currents and feel the freedom.

When you first sit in a whitewater kayak, whether it is a friendly sit-on-top kayak or a classic whitewater kayak, your excitement levels will exhilarate. The initial limbo dance will test your stability and not long after, your hips will be swaying to the sound of Soca river’s whispering rapids. There are boundless river corners to explore and hidden locations to uncover. Kayaking is for the open-minded. Kayaking is for the independent. It’s for the free-spirited and for those always in search of adventure.

We meet in the SportMIX agency where you will be warmly greeted by our office staff.

At the front desk, you will be asked to sign a waiver form and you will be acquainted with your guide.
The guide will give you all of the necessary equipment. We don’t put the equipment on at the agency. We will collect everything in a pack and we will change at the starting point next to the river.

You can leave your valuables in the lockers in the office. We recommend you leave only valuables such as wallets, jewellery and personal documents. You can take dry clothes, underwear and towels with you and leave them in the van with our driver. We advise wearing your bathing suit already under your clothes when you come to the office and having dry underwear in your backpacks.

Together with the guide you follow the driver and sit in the van.

You drive to the starting point (approximately 5-10 min for a guided sit-on-top kayak, kayak course and 50 min for a kayak trip on flat water).

At the starting point, we change into our gear, leave the dry clothes with our driver and start the trip with our guide.

Before you start your descent, course or flax water expedition, the guide provides information about safety on the river and you start your adventure.

At the end of the trip, you will change back into your dry clothes and board the van to drive back to SportMIX agency in Bovec city centre.

In the office, we will check out the pictures taken by our guide, arrange the formalities and exchange farewells until next time.

Because we would like to make your experience unforgettable, we personalize the number of guests and arrange it accordingly to the daily logistics. We require a minimum number of participants for all the kayaking trips, which is set to 2 guests. If you are alone, don’t worry, we will join you in a group. Joining a trip as a couple – it’s more likely you will join a small team of kayaking adventurers. A family or a group of friends? You might also have a guide for yourself. If you are in doubt or worried, about how would you fit in, contact us without hesitation. We will customize your Kayak Soča trip in a way that everyone will leave our boats pleased.

Who can’t attend kayaking trips?


  • Non-swimmers,
  • pregnant women,
  • people with mobility impairments or back problems and other psychophysical injuries,
  • people who are overweight,
  • people under the influence of drugs or alcohol,
  • kids younger than 6 years (kayak trip on flat water),
  • kids younger than 14 years and shorter than 120cm (guided sit-on-top kayak trip, kayak course).

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